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Social networking is a target for millions of people around the world and is now an effective way to meet new people after technology has invaded every aspect of daily life. Users are very confused about choosing the right program, so our dear readers, here you can learn about one of the best dating software that you can download on your phone, computer or laptop to start your journey of making new friends with new friends, whether it is in your country or from a country else .

Tango is a great social media app, and with many similar programs launched and developed, Tango still has great features. The application has more than 200 million downloads for its great features and high quality, the most important of which is to talk to your friends and relatives and always stay in touch with them through free video and voice calls and the ability to share daily status posts.

Download Tango Live App

Tango Live app for Android latest version:

Tango for Android is a popular app for chatting with friends, family and everyone who has a Tango account. You can make guaranteed high quality video calls over various internet networks such as Wi-Fi and mobile data for free.

Also via Tango you can have unlimited text chats with other users of the same application for free. You can also create groups with large numbers of users and communicate with them simultaneously, similar to Facebook. The app features a feed to see the latest posts your friends have posted while you're sharing and to add personal and family photos you've taken, and you can create your own profile that includes your personal name, age, photo and bio.

In addition, you can meet new people from various foreign countries using the application through the search function, which you can customize by geographical location to reach users near you in the application, if your friend is offline, you can send a video to him to view as soon as he is connected to the application . Tango for Android also includes the ability to play online games with your friends via group chat rooms.

Features of Tango Live Apk:

  1. Tango application works on all smartphones via the Internet for free.
  2. With Tango, we can create chat groups with a maximum of 300 people.
  3. The program supports opening a private conversation for you, and you can return after the conversation ends with your friends.
  4. The program provides you with different live broadcast channels that you can follow according to your interests.
  5. The program supports the method of searching by name or the private number of people who have an account in the program.
  6. Tango Live provides you with high quality, pure and clear video chat.
  7. You can call any number from any country through your contacts.
  8. Tango gives you high confidentiality and high security for your private conversations and communications.

You can download the Tango application with a direct link for free for Android and iPhone devices.

More information about Tango Live, the latest version for Android:

Tango is one of the most famous and best free applications for smartphones that enables you to have a conversation with friends and family via video and audio and create live broadcasts of your events throughout the day, in addition to that, you can easily create a Tango account by entering your name and personal information to be able to create chats Group with multiple people using broadcasts and interact with live video shared with users of the application, also make new friends and communicate with them from all over the world.

With Tango, you can directly share your talents and daily activities and gain followers from all over the world. They can also interact with you, comment and send gifts. You can also follow people to see what they have to offer. You can invite your friends in the program to create accounts for them and chat with them, in general, this application is considered one of the best applications in the field of social communication and instant messaging. It also provides a set of functions that you will get to know after using the Tango application.
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